Welcome to my website. I have been practicing law in the New York area since 1982. While experienced in litigation for 30 years, my practice handles family law matters, including:

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New York State Divorce Practice

My divorce practice is limited to New York State proceedings and handles all types of divorces and family law related legal matters. This page is devoted to contested divorces. Clients involved in an uncontested divorce may want to explore mediation options.

A contested divorce is a divorce where the parties are not in agreement on the grounds of the divorce, the division of property, support issues or children’s issues, including custody and visitation. These types of divorces are litigated in a courtroom and rely on the Court to make the final determination unless the parties can reach agreement.

Gavel and wedding ringsMediation - A Practical Divorce Option

Some couples seeking a divorce will find the mediation process the best solution for their needs. Mediation provides a constructive, cost-efficient way for divorcing couples to reach a resolution — with the help of independent professional assistance to address all the relevant issues.

Using this process, I serve as an impartial mediator, where I do not represent either party. Instead, I assist both parties in reaching an amicable agreement, memorialized in a settlement or separation agreement, which becomes the guiding document for their divorce or separation.

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Child Custody & Visitation

I offer legal counsel and representation on child custody and visitation matters. Child custody settlements are some of the most important decisions parents have to make. These agreements form the blueprints for the way your family communicates and operates after you divorce or separate. These issues are often emotionally charged.

I do my best to help my clients negotiate and resolve their child custody and visitation matters in a way that gives them comfort that their children’s needs will be met both now and in the future.

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Financial Support

Divorce has a serious impact on the family’s financial situation, individually and collectively. Once shared incomes and assets become divided, considerable lifestyle changes can accompany single-income households. The old adage that it is cheaper to live together than separately is generally true—and, I help my clients project the cost of maintaining dual households.

My goal is to help my clients transition through this financial change as smoothly as possible. I am devoted to helping my clients seek settlement arrangements that support their honest financial needs.

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Property Division

Most divorces involve property division, referred to in New York as “equitable distribution.” I draw from family and commercial law experience to guide my clients through th

The property settlement process often ignites other divorce-related emotions and can result in prolonged personal vendettas. I offer counsel that helps clients keep these matters in perspective. I encourage my clients to “pick their battles” and to take a pragmatic approach.eir property settlement issues.

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Each of my clients’ cases are different and require very specific and unique legal remedies. I don’t pigeon hole my clients and you will never hear me say, “I had a case just like yours.” I understand my clients deserve individual attention, and I am committed to exploring all available solutions to serve their best interests and legal needs.

I believe that it is my responsibility to help you deal with all aspects of family & marital law issues. For example, I understand what is at stake in a divorce, personally and professionally. New York Divorce disputes are often deeply emotional experiences that involve much more than monetary settlements. I’m a divorced father of two, so I’ve been there myself.

I give each case individual attention to explore all available solutions.




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