New York State Divorce Practice

Money and engagement ringMy divorce practice is limited to New York State proceedings and handles all types of divorces and family law related legal matters. This page is devoted to contested divorces. Clients involved in an uncontested divorce may want to explore mediation options.

A contested divorce is a divorce where the parties are not in agreement on the grounds of the divorce, the division of property, support issues or children’s issues, including custody and visitation. These types of divorces are litigated in a courtroom and rely on the Court to make the final determination unless the parties can reach agreement.

I offer full-service counsel for clients with contested divorce cases.


Separation Agreements

Separation agreements can be a vital component in filing for your New York State divorce.

Separation Agreements are written road maps resolving all the issues that are must be addressed in a divorce.

I help negotiate and draft a separation agreement that protects your best interests and resolves issues and concerns involving any divorce proceedings, should they follow:

  • Maintenance (formerly called “alimony”) payments
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support
  • Medical insurance
  • Retirement benefits
  • Property distribution
  • Insurance policies
  • Debt allocation

Preliminary and proactive action is a true asset to divorce litigation. We work together to ensure your case is presented promptly, thoroughly, and completely.


Action for Divorce and Court Preparation

The legal proceedings of a divorce begins when the action for divorce is filed. The other party is allotted 20 days to respond once they are served with a copy of the divorce pleadings.

It is not uncommon for divorcing spouses to disagree on grounds for divorce or proposed settlements; however, the advent of “no-fault” divorce in New York has greatly reduced the frequency of disputes on this issue.

I work with my clients to help them understand the legal parameters of their divorce. I prepare their case for presentation to the Court or mediation by:

  • Collating vital financial documentation
  • Gathering key evidence
  • Preparing testimony
  • Filing legal proceeding

Divorce proceedings can be tedious and highly-emotional processes. I try to use my experience and sense of humor to help my client through the process.

We work together and decide which issues need maximum attention, which issues need to be fought for and which issues we should try to resolve as quickly as possible—either because in the scheme of things they aren’t as important or because the cost of pursuing them exceeds their value.



I try to take a practical approach to divorce; I work with my clients to assess their needs. After educating them on the law and what I think are possible or likely outcomes, my clients make the ultimate decisions. As a result, my clients feel less worried about the process and more in control of their own case.