Hands splitting a houseMy midtown mediation practice guides and assists clients through their mediated divorce proceedings.

An experienced mediation attorney can be vital to your mediation experience. I can advise you of your situation as it pertains to the law. Understanding your legal rights can inform the settlement decisions you make in the mediation process.


Why Mediation

Mediation provides a stable vehicle for divorcing couples approaching an uncontested divorce. These proceedings take place outside the jurisdiction of a court and allow the parties more freedom to negotiate.

Mediation helps divorcing couples reach settlement agreements of their own design and consent. This can be a huge advantage for couples with complex divorce settlements:

  • Large property ownership
  • “Cash” based businesses and income
  • Career travel and child visitation
  • Complex child support issues
  • Insurance policies
  • Unique lifestyles

These situations call for a more hands-on and detailed approach to reach the best settlement.


Legal Counsel During Proceedings

When serving as a mediation attorney, I stand by you during mediation negotiations and offer legal counsel during the proceedings. I can even be present during both joint and caucus sessions.

As a mediation attorney I advise on the legal ramifications of several negotiation issues:

  • Property division
  • Support issues
  • Insurance and medical costs
  • Custody arrangements
  • Joint-debt management

Assistance with Legal Documentation

As mediation counsel, I assist my client during the mediation process and offer assistance with understanding the legal process. I will help modify property settlement and custody/visitation agreements and once agreements are reached.

I will assist in converting the agreement into a Judgment of Divorce by commencing a divorce action to incorporate the terms of the mediated settlement into the divorce decree.

Mediation is a valuable alternative tool for negotiating divorce settlements. Please visit the mediations FAQ to learn about the most commonly asked questions pertaining to the process and legal counsel.