Are Retirement Benefits Automatically Split In Divorce?

Heading into the process of divorce and property division in New York, you should be aware that not all assets are split equally between spouses.  Like with other marital assets, an agreement between you and your spouse or an order from a judge will divide benefits related to retirement.  You should prepare to be as…


Could a Bird’s Nest Custody Arrangement Work for You?

There’s no doubt that a child custody battle in New York can cause turmoil in a lot of adjustments in the lives of parents and children.  In some cases, parents living in separate homes may not be the best solution for the family.  One alternative to typical custody arrangements is known as a bird’s nest…


Can I Drop My Spouse From My Health Insurance Policy When We Separate?

If you are separating or planning to divorce from your spouse in New York, you probably have many questions about what will change regarding insurance policies.  When you are separated from someone and in the process of filing for divorce, you may not have an automatic responsibility to cover a spouse with health insurance.  However,…


Family Business and Divorce in New York

Divorce can be complicated enough, but adding a family business to the mix means that both parties likely have a lot of questions about the future of the business and the assets attached to it.  Under New York law, professional practices and businesses influence the earning capacity of a person and therefore can be subject…


How to Request Child Support Modifications in New York

There are two ways that a child support order can become active in New York: through parental agreement or court-ordered support that is deemed to be necessary for child care.  Once that order is put into place, however, one or both parents may have questions about how to amend it in order to account for…