Prenuptial Agreement Checklist for New York Couples

If you have made the decision to put together a prenuptial agreement, make sure that it has been reviewed by a New York family lawyer before you sign it.  Many times, an individual with experience in the field can catch possible problems and alert you to changes that would be in your best interests. First,…


Tips for Selling the House After a Divorce

Since the house can be a point of equity for both parties to a divorce, one strategy is to sell the house and divide the proceeds between both spouses.  If neither spouse has the desire to stay in the family home or if neither of you is able to buy out the other one, this…


Going From Separated to Divorced

Taking time to cool off during a separation period is a common tactic that two spouses may use before initiating a divorce.  Knowing that divorce is a big legal step, there are many reasons that a couple might determine that it’s better to pursue a separation first. A couple might want to determine their next…


Should I Represent Myself in a Divorce?

If you’re preparing for divorce in New York, you may be unsure about the cost of going through this process and may be weighing the pros and cons associated with representing yourself.  The short answer is that yes, you legally are eligible to represent yourself, but this is rarely the best course of action.  Divorce…