Your New York Family Law Lawyer on Handling Assets for Divorce

Any financial information for you and your spouse will be particularly relevant for your divorce to proceed. Your New York family law attorney has outlined below how you should handle your liquid assets and savings at the beginning of your dissolution. Your New York Family Law Lawyer Explains Handling Your Liquid Assets -Bank Accounts Begin…


Should Weddings Come With a Warning Label? – Part II

In my last post I lamented that many people faced with a divorce would have benefited from a bit of education on divorce laws even before they got married. In this post I continue down the aisle…. more things people should know before they utter “I Thee wed.” Marital infidelity won’t impact the economics of…


Giving New Meaning to Client “Relations”

OK, this one may not come up that often, but just in case it does…. I was reading an article today in the American Bar Association Journal Law News about a Minnesota lawyer who admittedly had an affair with a divorce client. This alone raises issues, at least in New York, but this particular lawyer…


The Black, the White, the Gray and…Discretion

I feel part of my job as a divorce attorney is to educate my clients, but sometimes they come to me thinking they are already educated…. some are… some aren’t. Sometimes divorce “education” is attained at the barber shop, hair salon, the local saloon or at the Home Depot or supermarket waiting to get checked…


Divorce Alphabet Soup

Just like texting, a New York divorce has its own particular set of acronyms and abbreviations. Some clients may find it frustrating or intimidating to navigate this “alphabet soup”. So, FYI, I wanted to give you a short list, ASAP, of a few of the abbreviations you may, IMHO, hear in your divorce proceeding and…


14 Ways to Minimize Attorney Fees in Your Divorce Case

Lawyers charge hundreds of dollars an hour to represent their clients in a divorce action.  However, the total legal fees incurred in your case are only partially controlled by you or your attorney.  Your spouse and his or her attorney have a lot to do with what the ultimate legal fees will be.  From a…


So What’s Marital Property?

New Yorkers going through a divorce are frequently bombarded with terminology which sometimes can be overwhelming.  However, since you may be going through a divorce or know someone who is, it’s important to become conversant in the language of divorce. The difference between “marital” and “separate” property is a basic concept in New York divorces….