Can I Modify an Order Related to My Divorce?

Unfortunately, not all divorce disputes end when the divorce decree is finalized.  Post-divorce disputes can reignite negative feelings related to the marriage dissolution, especially when it’s an issue of enforcement.  Many times divorce modifications can be handled amicably by a New York divorce attorney, such as situations where there has been a change in finances or issues enforcing previous orders.

The biggest enforcement issue has to do with nonpayment, usually involving spousal maintenance or child support.  An individual who was supposed to receive funds may pursue legal steps to get the other party to meet his or her obligations.

Not all divorce orders relate directly to enforcement, as sometimes life changes occur that spur the need for a divorce modification.  A move related to employment, the loss of a job, illness or substance abuse are all examples of major life changes that could encourage you to pursue a divorce modification.

Just as you used the legal process to get a divorce in the first place, you’ll need to work through the court to modify orders.  If spouses are willing to work together, they may be able to amend orders on their own, but more often than not, a court proceeding is necessary to help the parties work through these modification issues.

Whether you’re facing an enforcement issue or the need to modify an order related to your divorce, get legal help immediately to learn about your options.  Every day delayed is another day that you are struggling with an existing order.  Do yourself a favor and look into modification or enforcement options that can help meet your life needs.