Keep Calm and Relax: How to Minimize Conflict in Your Divorce

divorce lawyer in New YorkDivorce is always stressful and painful, but it need not be contentious and bitter. As a divorce lawyer in New York, I often advise my clients how handle conflict and communicate better with each other because amicable and level-headed discussions always lead to better outcomes than angry and hostile ones. My family law firm recommends the following tactics to try to reduce the level of anger involved.

  • Try to empathize with your spouse. Try to see things from their perspective and why something would upset them;
  • Let your spouse speak without interruption. Allow your spouse to finish a thought before you reply;
  • Listen and ask questions rather than assuming. Don’t jump the gun and think you know exactly what your spouse wants or needs at all times. Clarify things if they are unclear to you;
  • Focus on the issue, not the person. Attacking your spouse will make them feel defensive and angry. Instead, figure out the problem you are facing and how you can address it;
  • Use calming techniques. As a divorce lawyer in New York, I sometimes recommend deep breaths or counting to five slowly in in order to calm down;
  • Think proactively about what you want to accomplish and what you can say to reach your goal; and
  • Reconsider the ways you communicate with your spouse and how you can improve them. The old ways clearly did not work well if they led to a breakdown in the partnership.

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