Should I Represent Myself in a Divorce?

If you’re preparing for divorce in New York, you may be unsure about the cost of going through this process and may be weighing the pros and cons associated with representing yourself.  The short answer is that yes, you legally are eligible to represent yourself, but this is rarely the best course of action.  Divorce…


Are Retirement Benefits Automatically Split In Divorce?

Heading into the process of divorce and property division in New York, you should be aware that not all assets are split equally between spouses.  Like with other marital assets, an agreement between you and your spouse or an order from a judge will divide benefits related to retirement.  You should prepare to be as…


Can I Drop My Spouse From My Health Insurance Policy When We Separate?

If you are separating or planning to divorce from your spouse in New York, you probably have many questions about what will change regarding insurance policies.  When you are separated from someone and in the process of filing for divorce, you may not have an automatic responsibility to cover a spouse with health insurance.  However,…


Family Business and Divorce in New York

Divorce can be complicated enough, but adding a family business to the mix means that both parties likely have a lot of questions about the future of the business and the assets attached to it.  Under New York law, professional practices and businesses influence the earning capacity of a person and therefore can be subject…


Divorce in NY: Do You Really Need An Attorney?

Some couples read about uncontested divorce (“no fault” divorce, available as an option in NY beginning in October 2010 for marriages over six months) and wonder if they can pursue a friendly, amicable no-fault divorce just by downloading the Uncontested Divorce Packet and filling it out without a lawyer. While this is certainly possible, there…


Keep Calm and Relax: How to Minimize Conflict in Your Divorce

Divorce is always stressful and painful, but it need not be contentious and bitter. As a divorce lawyer in New York, I often advise my clients how handle conflict and communicate better with each other because amicable and level-headed discussions always lead to better outcomes than angry and hostile ones. My family law firm recommends…


The Valuation Process: How to Handle Differences of Opinion

One of my duties as a New York family lawyer is to assist divorcing couples with deciding how to divide up their marital estate and what items should be counted as part of the marital estate. Often, there is disagreement as to the true value of certain items, especially significant items like a house, and…


How to Develop a Contact Schedule

In my experience, I often advise newly-divorced couples to develop a contact schedule for their children. It is vitally important for the children’s continued growth that they continue to have frequent contact with their parents. When developing a contact schedule, there are certain considerations to take into account depending on the age of the children….


Make and Use a Communication Plan

In the frustrating, stressful proceedings of a divorce, it’s important that both parties have a good communication plan, especially when children are involved. Below are the items that will make life much easier when both parties have agreed to it.