Should Weddings Come with a Warning Label? – Part I

As a divorce lawyer for more years than I would like to admit, I’ve had occasion to have many new client consultations with people considering or being faced with a divorce.  These consultations usually take an hour and a half to two hours and are spent covering the waterfront of New York matrimonial law in…


What are the Grounds to Divorce in New York?

Just like any state, New York has its own set of laws that govern how you can get a divorce.  There are several reasons you can use to get a divorce.  If you believe you meet the grounds for divorce, you will want to talk to your NYC family law attorney to find out how…


Going From Separated to Divorced

Taking time to cool off during a separation period is a common tactic that two spouses may use before initiating a divorce.  Knowing that divorce is a big legal step, there are many reasons that a couple might determine that it’s better to pursue a separation first. A couple might want to determine their next…


Family Business and Divorce in New York

Divorce can be complicated enough, but adding a family business to the mix means that both parties likely have a lot of questions about the future of the business and the assets attached to it.  Under New York law, professional practices and businesses influence the earning capacity of a person and therefore can be subject…