Develop a Parenting Plan With Your Family Law Lawyer

family law lawyerAlthough divorce is never easy, it does become less complicated when there aren’t any children. However, when there are kids in the picture, you and your family law lawyer should work out a parenting plan. This will go a long way towards securing your role and responsibilities as they pertain to custody. If would be far better to work out this plan with your family law attorney before the judge gets involved.

Dealing With Toddlers in a Divorce

As a child reaches the age of two, they are starting to learn to be separate from their parents. They’re not moving out, but instead finding their own voice and learning how to communicate and ask for things. Your family law lawyer will advise that, during this time, a child this young needs stability. If the parents set up two separate living environments then the child needs to feel that they are equally safe in both places. Working out a visitation routine with the help of your family law attorney can help facilitate these feelings.

Your family law lawyer might suggest that making duplicate rooms will be a big benefit. Even small details like using the same kind of laundry detergent and having the same types of food and drinks in both houses will go a long way towards helping the child make the adjustment.

Support From Your Family Law Lawyer

During this initial adjustment period, parents should keep journals of their child’s behavior patterns to make sure they are in sync. Your family law lawyer can provide support based on their years of experience. Donald Wall has a long history of helping families through these difficult times. Call his offices today at 212-695-6008 to discuss your current situation.