What Influences an Alimony Award in New York?

When it comes to alimony being awarded during a divorce, there are many factors that the judge will consider.  An experienced family law attorney can work discuss the relevant factors with you to help weigh the probabilities of the outcome, which still involves a lot of judicial discretion.  It cannot always be assumed that the…


Can Parents Agree to Another Child Support Amount?

Although New York does have formulas and guidelines that are used to determine child support, parents can also set up their own amount if they both agree to it. This amount can be more or less than the basic child support obligation, but there are a few stipulations in pursuing this route: The agreement has…


Prenuptial Agreement Checklist for New York Couples

If you have made the decision to put together a prenuptial agreement, make sure that it has been reviewed by a New York family lawyer before you sign it.  Many times, an individual with experience in the field can catch possible problems and alert you to changes that would be in your best interests. First,…


Defining Terms in Property Division in New York

When it comes to determining property division (equitable distribution) in New York, most people assume that the courts seek equal distribution of property and assets shared in a marriage. However, the term “equitable” is legally defined as “fair,” not as equal. Factors Involved in Property Division in New York The court will examine the overall…


Keep Calm and Relax: How to Minimize Conflict in Your Divorce

Divorce is always stressful and painful, but it need not be contentious and bitter. As a divorce lawyer in New York, I often advise my clients how handle conflict and communicate better with each other because amicable and level-headed discussions always lead to better outcomes than angry and hostile ones. My family law firm recommends…


16 Tips For Minimizing Conflict

Excessive battling over every little aspect in a divorce can become exhausting and harmful to your family. To cut down on the hurt to your family and the cost of a lengthy divorce battle, the New York family law attorneys can tell you how to try and reduce conflict.


Protecting Your Children During Divorce

Children must be the most important people in the lives of parents getting a divorce. A divorce lawyer can clue you in on some ways that parents can help keep their children safe from the perils of divorce.


How To Share Parenting Duties Post-Divorce

As a skilled family law attorney, I can provide advice to help parents successfully share parenting duties after a divorce. Advise to Parents to Keep Logs from A Family Law Attorney Known as a kid’s log, this will be used by both parents. This log will have information about the children with their issues and…


Develop a Parenting Plan With Your Family Law Lawyer

Although divorce is never easy, it does become less complicated when there aren’t any children. However, when there are kids in the picture, you and your family law lawyer should work out a parenting plan. This will go a long way towards securing your role and responsibilities as they pertain to custody. If would be…