Your Lawyer Will Give Strategies to Reduce Conflict

family lawyerYour family lawyer will provide you with advice on keeping the conflict to a minimum in a dispute.

A Family Attorney Will Provide Solutions to Keeping Conflicts From Escalating
To prevent disagreements from growing out of control, your family lawyer will advise you to:

  • Accept responsibility and let the spouse know you’d like to repair the situation.
  • Listen to what your spouse is saying and repeat it in your own phrasing to let him or her know you understand.
  • Respond positively before you respond and then after your respond. Let your spouse know you’re grateful for the assistance.
  • Hedging can allow you to tell your spouse what is bothering you in a non-confrontational manner.
  • Do the reverse of what your spouse is doing. Your family lawyer will suggest that if the spouse begins yelling or talking quickly, you should speak softly and in a slower cadence.
  • Be apologetic by saying you are sorry.
  • Compromising is the exchange of one concession for one provided by your spouse.
  • Give different strategies to solve the issue.
  • Put the problem aside and take time to cool down, consider solutions and discuss it again.

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