Make and Use a Communication Plan

In the frustrating, stressful proceedings of a divorce, it’s important that both parties have a good communication plan, especially when children are involved. Below are the items that will make life much easier when both parties have agreed to it.


How To Share Parenting Duties Post-Divorce

As a skilled family law attorney, I can provide advice to help parents successfully share parenting duties after a divorce. Advise to Parents to Keep Logs from A Family Law Attorney Known as a kid’s log, this will be used by both parents. This log will have information about the children with their issues and…


Develop a Parenting Plan With Your Family Law Lawyer

Although divorce is never easy, it does become less complicated when there aren’t any children. However, when there are kids in the picture, you and your family law lawyer should work out a parenting plan. This will go a long way towards securing your role and responsibilities as they pertain to custody. If would be…


Get Support From Your Family Attorney

In many ways, going through a divorce is about starting a new chapter in your life. It is a time for personal evaluation and for making adjustments. Working with a compassionate family attorney will help you sort out all the legal matters pertaining to dividing property. However, that same family lawyer can also provide you…


Your Lawyer Will Give Strategies to Reduce Conflict

Your family lawyer will provide you with advice on keeping the conflict to a minimum in a dispute. A Family Attorney Will Provide Solutions to Keeping Conflicts From Escalating To prevent disagreements from growing out of control, your family lawyer will advise you to: Accept responsibility and let the spouse know you’d like to repair…


Your New York Family Law Lawyer on Handling Assets for Divorce

Any financial information for you and your spouse will be particularly relevant for your divorce to proceed. Your New York family law attorney has outlined below how you should handle your liquid assets and savings at the beginning of your dissolution. Your New York Family Law Lawyer Explains Handling Your Liquid Assets -Bank Accounts Begin…


Should Weddings Come With a Warning Label? – Part II

In my last post I lamented that many people faced with a divorce would have benefited from a bit of education on divorce laws even before they got married. In this post I continue down the aisle…. more things people should know before they utter “I Thee wed.” Marital infidelity won’t impact the economics of…


Giving New Meaning to Client “Relations”

OK, this one may not come up that often, but just in case it does…. I was reading an article today in the American Bar Association Journal Law News about a Minnesota lawyer who admittedly had an affair with a divorce client. This alone raises issues, at least in New York, but this particular lawyer…


The Black, the White, the Gray and…Discretion

I feel part of my job as a divorce attorney is to educate my clients, but sometimes they come to me thinking they are already educated…. some are… some aren’t. Sometimes divorce “education” is attained at the barber shop, hair salon, the local saloon or at the Home Depot or supermarket waiting to get checked…